Xzibit - Criminal Set lyrics (Chinese translation). | [helicopter flying overhead]
, "Outside the South Central area, few cared about the violence
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Xzibit - Criminal Set (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [helicopter flying overhead]
ZH: [头顶飞过的直升机]

EN: "Outside the South Central area, few cared about the violence
ZH: "南环地区以外很少有人关心暴力

EN: because - it didn't affect them." - Tom Brokaw
ZH: 因为-它并不影响他们"-拉科。

EN: "Break 'em off somethin" - [Ice Cube]
ZH: "打破他们心里有些东西"-[冰多维数据集]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: "Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube
ZH: "追溯到刑事设置......,但他们还抓不到我"-冰多维数据集

EN: Don't trip you might break your neck {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 不旅行,你可能会断你的脖子 {"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: And get wet from the reign of the tec, I {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 弄湿的 tec 统治从我 {"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: "Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube
ZH: "追溯到刑事设置......,但他们还抓不到我"-冰多维数据集

EN: Your gum bumpin gon' lead to gun bumpin {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 你的口香糖风尼泊尔政府 ' 导致枪风 {"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: I'm the one when the party is jumpin to {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 我是一个当党是东西战争 {"打破他们掉些"}

EN: [Xzibit]
ZH: [星光]

EN: I heard the O.G.'s they don't hit
ZH: 听取了奥吉他们别打

EN: And I'm the only one left from the West that you can't fuck with
ZH: 我也是唯一一个左从你不能搞西方

EN: But lately I've been feelin like Will Smith
ZH: 但我像威尔 · 史密斯感觉最近

EN: Why bother with rap when I can get 20 mill' on a flick?
ZH: 为什么要这么麻烦 rap 时候 20 磨 ' 上看电影吗?

EN: Y'all niggaz just started some shit, the underdog
ZH: 你们这些黑鬼刚开始有些东西落水狗

EN: Makin songs for them hogs, and them Bloods and Crips
ZH: 不断映入眼帘的歌曲为他们猪、 和他们的血液和瘸子

EN: For the shah by the mall with a Muslim scent
ZH: 为与穆斯林的气味在购物中心沙

EN: After all, who do you call to rock your shit? {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 毕竟,你叫谁摇滚你的东西?{"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: Bust the ghetto bird, circle above, reminisce
ZH: 破产的贫民区鸟、 圈以上、 回忆

EN: of the dust kicked up, the dirt swept under the rug
ZH: 踢的灰尘、 污垢清扫在地毯之下

EN: Duct tape, ski-mask, tape recorders
ZH: 胶带、 滑雪面罩、 磁带录音机

EN: Cue Kaze, ready to blaze and bakin soda
ZH: 提示风之,准备向大火和烤漆苏打水

EN: First learned how to cook in a coffee pot
ZH: 第一次学会了如何在一个咖啡壶煮

EN: Made the block get hot like lava rock
ZH: 作变热像岩浆岩的块

EN: Got love for the block cause I came from that
ZH: 有对我来是从那块原因的爱

EN: But I ain't afraid to go right back {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 但我不会害怕向右走回 {"打破他们踪影"}

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Xzibit]
ZH: [星光]

EN: It's a, suicide it's a suicide
ZH: 这是这是自杀,自杀

EN: If you ever get the heart to try fuckin with mines
ZH: 如果你有机会尝试汗与地雷的心

EN: No change, I'm poppin the nine, you ridin the pine {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: Poppin 没有改变,我我面对的九个,你寻的松树 {"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: The heavy metal knock you out of your mind {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 重金属敲你你疯 {"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: Now how many really gon' ride, when the war start?
ZH: 现在有多少真的 gon',当战争开始时,骑马吗?

EN: Eaten alive by these hollow-tip darts
ZH: 由这些空心尖飞镖吃活着

EN: My 12 gauge'll tear you apart, don't get caught at the light
ZH: 我 12 计就会把你撕、 不被抓在灯

EN: the house party or the neighborhood park
ZH: 房子方或邻近的公园

EN: Mr. X marks the spot then pops the mark
ZH: X 先生做记号然后弹出标记

EN: Turn your whole neighborhood to a parkin lot
ZH: 打开 parkin 不少你整个社区

EN: I paid the cost to be the boss
ZH: 我付的成本是老板

EN: and will do my time standin up 'til I get an appeal
ZH: 会做我站,直到我得到上诉的时间

EN: These weapons too real to conceal, so why bother
ZH: 这些武器太真实隐瞒,所以何必

EN: Semper fidelis, I learned from my father
ZH: 永远忠诚,我从我父亲学

EN: I always stay faithful to myself and grow
ZH: 我始终对自己保持忠诚和成长

EN: But when I catch that ass after the show - {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 但当我抓住她的屁股后秀-{"打破他们心里有些东西"}

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Xzibit]
ZH: [星光]

EN: I'm slick and slippery
ZH: 我是圆滑和滑

EN: On a high-speed chase all the way to the victory
ZH: 上高速追逐一路胜利

EN: Y'all niggaz is stone cold mysteries
ZH: 你们这些黑鬼是石头冷未解之谜

EN: Too weak, can't stand in the ring with me
ZH: 太弱,不能站在我的戒指

EN: Put a pussy back in his place, straightlaced
ZH: 把猫放回他的地方,一个呆板

EN: With a Strong Arm Steady gang up in your face
ZH: 与强臂稳定的帮派了你的脸

EN: I run a race with the West to my back
ZH: 我跑到我的背的种族与西方

EN: While you're the reason why they say niggaz in the West can't rap
ZH: 虽然你是他们为什么说这些黑鬼在的原因不能说唱西

EN: Ever since the white Concourse 'Llac, I've been unmatched
ZH: 自从白廊 ' Llac,我一直不匹配

EN: A avalanche in the hood on attack
ZH: 在攻击上敞篷的雪崩

EN: Just hardcore actual facts, never wait
ZH: 只是铁杆实际事实,永远等待

EN: Just react when them killers come at you with gats
ZH: 只是当他们的杀手在来反应你与服务贸易总协定

EN: Had to dig the knife out of my back, now I'm back on track
ZH: 不得不挖出我的背刀,现在我重新走上正轨

EN: Hittin laps, 'bout to widen the gap yo
ZH: 星座圈,' bout 扩大的差距哟

EN: It ain't the long fall from the top that got 'em
ZH: 它不是从他们了顶长秋天

EN: It was the sharp sudden stop at the bottom, haha {"break 'em off somethin"}
ZH: 它是在底部,哈哈 {"打破他们心里有些东西"} 锋利的突然停止

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]