XV - Watch Me Go lyrics (Chinese translation). | The say “Vizzy, we just want to see you go in”
, “Just Go In”
, Well
, Now watch me go
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XV - Watch Me Go (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: The say “Vizzy, we just want to see you go in”
ZH: 说的"Vizzy,我们只是想要见到你进去"

EN: “Just Go In”
ZH: "只是走"

EN: Well
ZH: 井

EN: Now watch me go
ZH: 现在看着我走

EN: I Will, Thank you
ZH: 我会感谢你

EN: [XV - Verse 1]
ZH: [XV-第 1 节]

EN: On ya mark, get ready, set
ZH: 关于雅马克,准备,设置

EN: Always right I never left
ZH: 总是右从未离开过

EN: Exhales, exiting hill, thank God for every breathe
ZH: 轮廓中散发,退出山,感谢上帝为了每一个呼吸

EN: Shaking the devil wearing a cherry dress
ZH: 颤抖樱桃穿着的魔鬼

EN: Staying sincere as Nas on his belly shit
ZH: 住真诚作为 Nas 上他肚子里的货

EN: Yes, now watch me go
ZH: 是的现在看我走

EN: Can we get higher, probably, it’s not a thing
ZH: 可我们获得更高,很可能,它不是一件事

EN: Nigga’s still talking ’bout Dollars, Obama just wanted change
ZH: 黑鬼的还在说话 ' bout 美元、 奧巴馬只是想改变

EN: Decided you want that fire that go straight to your vein
ZH: 决定你想要直接去你的静脉的火

EN: Or do you want that Waka Flocka Flame?
ZH: 或你想要那 Waka Flocka 火焰吗?

EN: (Now watch me go)
ZH: (现在看我走)

EN: No one dissin’, I’m fine with co-existing
ZH: 没有人 dissin',我很好与共存

EN: My lines is so intensive, my grind’s like toting pistons
ZH: 我的台词是那么密集,我磨喜欢身背活塞

EN: From outta these bars, I shine like Sonny Liston
ZH: 从离开这些酒吧,我喜欢桑尼利斯顿

EN: Now are you listening, good
ZH: 现在你在听,好吗

EN: (Then Watch me go)
ZH: (然后看我走)

EN: I’m so un-Christian, but niggas at home is dissin’
ZH: 我所以非基督教,但黑鬼在家里是 dissin'

EN: Feeling drunk off of power, I’m bringing back prohibition
ZH: 电源醉的感觉,我会带回禁止

EN: Niggas is loading pistols, to bring it to where I’m living
ZH: 黑鬼加载手枪,要把它带到我住的地方

EN: I promised y’all I would win it
ZH: 我答应你们我会赢

EN: (Now watch me go)
ZH: (现在看我走)

EN: Showing it off, knowing I’m raw, oh my voice throwin’ you off?
ZH: 显示它关闭,知道我原始的你扔我的声音吗?

EN: Well how about I shout it from the same cliff I’m throwin you off?
ZH: 好怎么样我喊它从同一悬崖上我是 throwin 你吗?

EN: Ahh, you on my balls, you should hold em, I’ll cough
ZH: 啊,你对我的球,你应该抓住 em,我就会咳嗽

EN: (Now watch me go)
ZH: (现在看我走)

EN: Still a D list, but at least on V list
ZH: 仍然 D 列表,但至少在 V 上列表

EN: of emcee’s you cannot compete with got a buzz
ZH: 节目主持人的你不能与竞争有嗡嗡声

EN: Now all a sudden, these honey’s that I could never be with
ZH: 现在所有突然,这些亲爱的不能忍受

EN: All hopping on XV dick
ZH: 所有跳频 XV 迪克

EN: (Now watch me go)
ZH: (现在看我走)

EN: You get shelved while movers is moving dressers
ZH: 你把搁置时搬家公司移动梳妆台

EN: To my new house, where my old one? psshhh, I gave them my successor
ZH: 我的新房子,到哪里我老的一个吗?psshhh,我给了他们我的继任者

EN: And them girls wanna come through so I’m deciding who’s better
ZH: 他们的女孩想要来,所以我就决定谁更好

EN: Cause they hard to deal with like playing cards glued together
ZH: 导致他们难对付像粘在一起玩纸牌

EN: (Watch me go)
ZH: (看我走)

EN: With the flow and it’s always getting better
ZH: 与流和它总是越来越好

EN: Call me Guinness book murderer, I’m killing every record
ZH: 吉尼斯书凶手打电话给我,我也要杀的每个记录

EN: Ya’ll got half-assed class
ZH: 你就会有半途而废的类

EN: You just semesters, bring your hoe, they chasing birds
ZH: 你只是个学期,带你的心,他们追鸟

EN: Call yo ass Sylvester
ZH: 打电话给你的屁股西尔维斯特 ·

EN: (Watch me go)
ZH: (看我走)

EN: The elephant in the room gave me thick skin
ZH: 房间里的大象给了我厚厚的皮肤

EN: Wouldn’t heard of who when the labels just pitched in
ZH: 不会听说过的人时,标签只是搭起

EN: Who woulda thought, that the way that I clinch ?
ZH: 谁会想到,那我克林奇的方式?

EN: Would have me falling in love with ?
ZH: 会爱上我吗?

EN: (Now watch me go)
ZH: (现在看我走)

EN: ‘O11 dropping blow up records
ZH: ' O11 滴炸了记录

EN: Tour bussin’ with ? smoking with ?
ZH: 游与烤架那吗?与吸烟吗?

EN: Had so many L’s thought we was going ‘O11
ZH: 所以很多我的还以为我们会 ' O11

EN: Now I gotta do a show in a second
ZH: 现在我要做第二次在一场演出

EN: (Hold up, now watch me go)
ZH: (举起,现在看我走)

EN: Reaching the final level, my body glow
ZH: 到达最后一级,我的身体发光

EN: First it was my hands, then it was my soul
ZH: 首先它是我的手,然后它是我的灵魂

EN: A lot of people loved it, but those that don’t know how a Kansas boy flow
ZH: 很多人喜欢它,但那些不知道如何堪萨斯的男孩流

EN: (oh, watch me go)
ZH: (哦,看我走)

EN: Yeh, yeh, watch me go
ZH: 叶,叶,看我走

EN: Now watch me go!
ZH: 现在看我走 !