XV - Batteries (feat. Trae tha Truth) (2011)

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XV - Batteries (feat. Trae tha Truth) lyrics

Vizzy where your newer shit?
I’m underground slime, Ninja Turtle sewer shit
That joint I dropped in April
Make them hoes kneel like O’Neal
You retired from that grade, I’m making more deals
So ill, the shit I get out of these tulips got me
Killing the game gratuitous
And I’m throwing out papers like Uzis
So these girls wanna hang like nooses
And why waste any more losers
When I’m rollin in the drop top cruising
I John Houston, I John Holmes it, I Hulk Hogan
Now tell me how I don’t kill shit
When I stay bussing like field trips
The only time a nigga ever seen me
Is when he was watching a flim clip
And my old girl say I don’t feel shit
Cause I won’t stumble over her guilt trips
Miss her period, saying “I feel sick!”
Shit cut that out now, real quick
And I’m on my Uncle Phil shit
Throw out some jazz and get some cake
You think those little Nickis gonna
Make you feel her bass?
I don’t trust no one but God
Say my prayers and give him thanks
Porto-potties on the moon
Man my shit is outer space

Say I ain’t riding, say I ain’t focused
I say “ok! I’m reloaded”
I see the top, that’s where I’m going
I’m like “ok! I’m reloaded”
Bitch, I’m reloaded