XV - 16 Bars lyrics

Millionaire shades, I am for the lifeline
Looking at the stars, the TV is my nighttime
Left my watch at home, it never is the right time
You ain't in your right mind
Shit I can't even find mine
Boy in the hood, blowin' on the stickiest
Hole in my chest, kind of like Ricky's is
Make my team all spark like Sam Witwicky did
Til my life is gravy to the point I think I'm really big
Mama always ground me, funny that I fly now
Put no one above I, maybe just my eyebrows
I just wanna love life, world I'm saying bye now
Til I'm dead in your ground, I'm living in my cloud
Life is a bitch, that I won't deny
But when she treat me good she's a lady in my eyes
All I want is her, and all she want is mine
But damn I only love her when she's high