XLooking Forwardx - Down With The Ship lyrics

So tell me what's the point
Of playing to bigger crowds
With a message a bit less clear
The perseverance would have been a waste of time
If we had lost respect for
The ones that got us here

Maybe if we'd gone more melodic
The record sales would be less sporadic
Maybe if we sounded more commercial
The path we tread wouldn't have led to Jason Dunn's attic

Maybe if we'd gone more melodic
People would've cared what this thing meant
Maybe if our sound was more commercial
Me heart and soul wouldn't be on line for once cent

But we've got too much respect for
The ones that brought us here
To just turn our backs on them
To clear our minds are the times we had to persevere
To just turn our backs on them

And be something that we aren't and we won't be
Determined to seek popularity
Forsaking a chance at prosperity
We'll be true to what we are

Maybe if we dumbed down the message
Maybe if we cared a little bit less
About the futures of the ones that made us
Fed us and paid us we could have been something more

Now that we're at the end of the line
I only wish I had said more
Now that our story is about to close
I hope you know that we're going to go

Down with the ship
Down in flames

Back in 2005 we told you
Where we would be in a year
Well it's been six
And we're still the four
That haven't changed
And we're still right here