Wynonna Judd - Heaven Help My Heart (1996)

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Wynonna Judd - Heaven Help My Heart lyrics

Two smilin?faces, that抯 how it used to be
What once was forever is now a faded memory
The perfect illusion
For a while I guess it was
Without explanation
The bloom fell off the rose


Heaven help my heart
�?ause it抯 a lot like me
I抦 wonderin' when this all will end
And I'll find the love I need
I know it抯 out there somewhere
Somehow I still believe
I抦 asking please
Heaven help my heart

This world can get crazy
These are troubled times
I抎 walk through the fire
If love is what I'd find
It抯 out of my hands now
So I put my faith in you
And I say a little prayer
And hope that it comes true

(Repeat Chorus)