Wyclef Jean - Bugatti Interlude (2013)

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Wyclef Jean - Bugatti Interlude lyrics

You see future I'm the..
Time .. with jamaicans
My crew got munition
We only fire when it's revolution
Turn it up!

I woke up in that new McClain in
I woke up in that new McClaire in
Lu.. for a minute, I had to reload,
Make myself hot again, now I'm on beast smoke
A trouble man like rubber band, raise with the candi man
in the projects clocks in my cousin's hand
peer pressure, used to still cash from my mama's dress
so I can look fresher than the next kids to one presser,
My prime queen, she to date on my right hand,
..kids to street, now she's a feen, ragger the.. end
felt like we were trapped in the middle of the..
On the four black radios with door way out
This is how we was raised, basketball a twelve game,
I ain't hand no hoops skills, so I chose the big stage
I'm on the cover of the rolling stones, front page
with Jay-Z a master P that made my day,
success born hatred, it was hard to cope
when homies you grew up with one a snitchin throat soul,
on the controversy, I'm like Lord of mercy,
they try to give me own country man they turn on me
for something I .., something I believe,
I find myself, just feeling myself, for Oprah Winfrey
sitting on the couch I'm so astonished,
But my papa told me a good be, never gold I'm pon it
I see the sets in him, rapping in rap,
Only time to red and blue me, is the ancient flag,
Tryin to get your ..at night because your loss is,
Imagine what what happened if we're in your join flosses.

Every time on the general,
and I ain't just sayin that is
You know I'll keep my boose on the ground
I roll with the army return of the general
is the return of the general
is the return of the general
You know I ain't just sayin that
I keep the boots on, on the general