Wu-Tang Clan - Uzi (Pinky Ring) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [U-God]
, Yo.. yeah
, Don't erase none of that good shit in the beginnin
, Yo.. spill drinks on ya,...
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Wu-Tang Clan - Uzi (Pinky Ring) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [U-God]
ZH: [U-神]

EN: Yo.. yeah
ZH: 哟...是

EN: Don't erase none of that good shit in the beginnin
ZH: 不能清除没用的好东西在 beginnin

EN: Yo.. spill drinks on ya, get stank on ya
ZH: 哟...泼饮料上震遐、 拿臭的雅

EN: Yo.. yo.. pinky ring shit, yo
ZH: 哟...哟...妈的哟小尾戒

EN: That pinky ring shit yo
ZH: 妈哟那尾戒

EN: It's that pinky ring shit, the legend of masked kid
ZH: 它是那小指戒指破的蒙面小子传奇

EN: Shoot out the speakers when my guns get jurassic
ZH: 当我的枪拿侏罗系射出扬声器

EN: Superbad, who am I? Dolemite classic
ZH: 超级,我是吗?无敌经典

EN: The vandal's back, hands on Angela Bassett
ZH: 防暴的后面,手上安吉拉 · 巴塞特

EN: I handle my plastic, gunplay I mastered
ZH: 我处理我掌握了我塑料枪战

EN: No coke, dope mixed down with acid on record
ZH: 没有可乐,毒品混酸对记录

EN: Broken down and crafted in seconds
ZH: 细分和在几秒钟内精心设计

EN: Lady's choice, the golden voice still peppered
ZH: 女人的选择,仍然穿插的金嗓子

EN: Better, respect it, bitch believe
ZH: 更好地,尊重婊子相信它,

EN: I pull rabbits out the hat, tricks up my sleeves
ZH: 我拉兔出这顶帽子我袖子的技巧

EN: I air out the showroom, the shit can breathe
ZH: 我的空气出展厅,大便可以呼吸

EN: Fix your weave, behold my expertise
ZH: 修复您的编织,看哪,我的专业知识

EN: [Chorus: Wu-Tang Clan]
ZH: [合唱: 吴邓族]

EN: I got my uzi back - you dudes is wack, face it the Wu is back
ZH: 我回来我 uzi-你的家伙是怪人,面对它吴又回来了

EN: I got my uzi back - you dudes is wack, face it the Wu is back
ZH: 我回来我 uzi-你的家伙是怪人,面对它吴又回来了

EN: [Raekwon the Chef]
ZH: [疑云厨师]

EN: Take it back to the (?), leanin gettin rec room punch
ZH: 把它带回 (?),leanin 获取娱乐室拳

EN: We in them authentic alley switchin joints
ZH: 我们在他们地道胡同 switchin 接头

EN: Major general niggaz, five stars
ZH: 少将黑鬼们,五颗星

EN: Both arms rock when coke dropped we read a hundred niggaz palms
ZH: 这两个武器岩石焦炭下降时我们读一百个黑鬼棕榈树

EN: Silencers, garbage bags of hash
ZH: 消音器,垃圾袋的哈希值

EN: For every cop we paid retired now the nigga on smash
ZH: 为我们付出的每一缔约方会议现在退休黑鬼上粉碎

EN: Gash you out your burner fast
ZH: 撕裂你出您的刻录机快速

EN: You swing down hatin me now respect get your fingers off the glass
ZH: 你看不惯我现在尊重得到你的手指在玻璃下旋转

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Ghostface Killah]
ZH: [好事]

EN: Yo what the fuck yo?! Yo what the fuck y'all comin for?
ZH: 哟什么哟? !哟你他妈的你们惊涛吗?

EN: Get the fuck away from my door!
ZH: 从我的门给我滚 !

EN: We got big guns in here, coke over there
ZH: 我们在这里,那边的焦大枪

EN: With blue bag and E pills stashed under the chair
ZH: 与蓝色袋子和 E 丸藏在椅子下

EN: And there's Boss Hog black and white pit with the pink lips
ZH: 有黑色和白色的老板猪坑和粉红色的嘴唇

EN: Stan thought he was soft 'til he bit his fingers
ZH: 斯坦以为他是软的直到他咬他的手指

EN: The shit had me dyin yo, big fat nigga bleedin
ZH: 屎我了死哟,大胖黑鬼上演

EN: Big cat nigga all season
ZH: 大猫黑鬼所有季节

EN: On the beach truck, stuck with Hawaiian ice
ZH: 上海滩卡车,和夏威夷冰困

EN: Diamond twice the whole city thought I bought FUBU
ZH: 两次全市还以为我买了中文的钻石

EN: Blew you, authentic doodoo, picture the fog iced out
ZH: 吹了你、 正宗便便、 出冰雾的图片

EN: Eighteen karat rap between noodles
ZH: 十八克拉 rap 之间面条

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]


EN: Up at Killa Bee headquarters, full rips is poured up
ZH: 向上 Killa 蜜蜂总部充分裂口被倒了

EN: I saw (?) sippin Henny from a iced out cup
ZH: 我看到了 (?) 抑郁 Henny 从出冰杯

EN: Yo with the blunt, two-way vibratin off the hip
ZH: Yo 与钝、 双向振动关闭髋关节

EN: I sit took, three drags off the honey-dip
ZH: 我坐了三个拖动关闭蜂蜜沾酱

EN: Now what you talkin? You see my gold fronts sparkin?
ZH: 现在什么你说话?你看见我永驻的黄金战线吗?

EN: Ain't tryin to hear what you dogs be barkin
ZH: 不是想听听你的狗将巴尔金加

EN: Read the headline, that was blast on today's Post
ZH: 阅读新闻标题,那是爆破对今天的帖子

EN: Dead King, thought he could ace Ghost
ZH: 死了的国王,还以为他能 ace 鬼

EN: Queen, couldn't even jack Monk
ZH: 王后,不能连杰克和尚

EN: Probably find him in Doc Doom's back trunk
ZH: 大概在 Doc 厄运背树干中找到他

EN: Bdoodoodoo! I'm up at the Wu library
ZH: Bdoodoodoo!我在吴图书馆

EN: Readin Malcolm's, ".. Any Means Necessary"
ZH: 说明马尔科姆的"......任何必要手段"

EN: [Method Man]
ZH: [方法男人]

EN: John John, Bacardi straight up hold the ice
ZH: 约翰 · 约翰、 百加得向上按住冰

EN: So nice like New York they had to name him twice
ZH: 他们有两次他的名字像纽约这么好

EN: Name your price, I black out then change the lights
ZH: 命名您的价格,我出去然后更改黑灯

EN: Give you the same advice that I gave my wife
ZH: 给你同样的建议也给老婆

EN: Don't fuck with mine, Clan give you lumps in nine
ZH: 别搞我,家族给你的肿块在九个

EN: Let the smoke cloud clear so the sun can shine
ZH: 让烟云清除,以便太阳会

EN: Culture shock, for some of us that's all we got
ZH: 文化冲击,对某些人来说那是我们的一切

EN: Whether you ball or not, you can all be shot
ZH: 是否你的球不,你可以被射杀

EN: [Inspectah Deck]
ZH: [Inspectah 板]

EN: New York, New York, legendary rhyme boss
ZH: 纽约,纽约,传说中韵老板

EN: Code name Charley Horse, bust with blind force
ZH: 代码名称查理马、 胸围与盲目的力量

EN: I smash set it and wreck for cash credit or check
ZH: Smash 设置它,并为现金信用卡或支票击毁

EN: You crabs test, can't measure the threat
ZH: 你螃蟹测试,不能衡量威胁

EN: I dance on a nigga like my name's Zab Judah
ZH: 我在我的名字叫扎卜犹大这样一个黑上跳舞

EN: Rap barracuda, three XL kahuna
ZH: Rap 梭鱼,三个 XL 卡

EN: Sure to get it perkin and cause a disturbance
ZH: 肯定要拿珀金和造成的干扰

EN: I'm thirstin, feel what I feel then we can merge then
ZH: 我是 thirstin,感觉然后我们可以将合并然后感觉到

EN: Creep it through the states in V8's and 12's
ZH: 它通过在 V8 的和 12 的国家的蠕变

EN: My weight's hell, fuck with me then brace yourself
ZH: 我的体重地狱,和我一起操然后振作起来,

EN: The Noble, Sir I mass mogul
ZH: 高尚,我大规模大亨的先生

EN: Known to blast vocals, and move global on you locals
ZH: 已知爆炸的嗓音和移动全球上你,当地人

EN: [Masta Killa]
ZH: [马斯塔 Killa]

EN: This is grown man talkin, coward I split your head
ZH: 这是大男人说话,懦夫拆分你的头

EN: I'm from the East where the streets run red from the bloodshed
ZH: 我是从东从流血红色大街上运行

EN: Hit Chef for the rice and peas
ZH: 水稻和豌豆命中厨师

EN: Nuff respect Father E tumbled at ease
ZH: 足够的尊重父亲 E 暴跌安心

EN: My brothers can't wait to squeeze the automatic
ZH: 我的兄弟们迫不及待地想挤自动

EN: They need wreck like a drug dealer need a addict
ZH: 他们需要击毁好像一个毒贩需要瘾君子

EN: Floatin on the 95, sting like a killer bee
ZH: Floatin 95、 像杀手蜜蜂蜇

EN: Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see
ZH: 你的手不能打你的眼睛看不到


EN: From dark matter to the big crunch
ZH: 从暗物质到大危机

EN: The vocals came in a bunch without one punch
ZH: 主音进来一群无一拳

EN: Rare glimpse from the, strictly advanced, proved unstoppable
ZH: 难得一见的从,严格先进,证明不可阻挡

EN: Reputation enhanced, since the cause was probable
ZH: 声誉提高,因为是可能的原因

EN: So you compare contrast but don't blast
ZH: 所以你比较对比但不爆炸

EN: through extreme depths, with the pen I hold fast
ZH: 通过极端的深度,用笔我持守

EN: Watch the block thirst for one became all
ZH: 看着块渴望之一成为了所有

EN: Shot 'em with the long forgotten rainfall
ZH: 开枪的被遗忘已久的雨量

EN: Delivered in a vivid fashion with simplicity
ZH: 以生动的方式交付与简单

EN: The blind couldn't verify the authenticity
ZH: 盲人不能验证真伪

EN: The rhyme came from the pressure of heat
ZH: 韵来自热的压力

EN: Then it was laid out, on the ground to pave streets
ZH: 然后它被计划了,在地上,铺街道

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [scratching "soooooooooooo" until fade]
ZH: [淡入淡出直到抓"那么"]