Wretch 32 - When I See You, I See Me (2015)

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Wretch 32 - When I See You, I See Me lyrics

A superstar to me is a respected individual
Who understands the role they play in society
And wears that like a tailored suit
Not just a hat that could blow off the head

When you think superstar, you think super gun
Super car, moving super hard
Souped up star
I think we all got a super chance
Every celeb that's big time without their mum or midwife
Couldn't say a star was born if they weren't brought in right
So why give a damn about a dislike?
I ain't going in, I'm just tryna give you insight
All day I dream about success, I've got six stripes
Double vision when I turned double digits
Now I'm doing double division when I'm sharing with my siblings
I'm from the ends so I set pace
The first to take you to the Tate from the estate
The es-Tate
On my estate, I've seen graffiti on the walls that could be Banksy
I've seen ballers on the ball that could be Ramsey
Shopkeepers should win awards, speaking frankly
Cause our community spirit's forever fancy
So I'll never miss my call-in
I went from chilling by the phone box to
Phone cases in the phone shops, visualise my calling
When they see us, they see I see free
But when you see me, you see free
Or when I see you, I see me

We were out and about as kids, and then, you know, a fight kinda kicked off and then, you know, one guy kind of cut the other one. That's a very haunting thing to see at that age. It's jungle life, but the community spirit is priceless. It's funny, even though we may not have as much valuables, our values are priceless. I smile at the journey, man. I always take a second to smile and just appreciate where it's going. Cause I still feel like it's early days, man, and we've got a lot to do. When I'm looking back at what it was, this is paradise compared to that. For me now it's just about turning as much people's lives who come from there into paradise as I can. This is my calling, this is what I'm here to do

I'm the best and most honest and I'm pure
My next album will chisel off the door
I break through the glass ceiling, run through the corridor
Put my heart on the wall, then redesign every floor
Cause we've been outside knocking, getting knocked
But they've been eating all the toppings at the top
We're too busy cutting shapes, how we gonna run the race
If we keep jogging on the spot?
All these souped up stars
Nothing on their chest but a souped up bra
I'm God so I'm feeling like a souped up Nas
Cut from the school of hard knocks so I suit up sharp
The writing on my wall was full of typos
They've given me a pen to rewrite though
I never had vision, that's cause I had my eyes closed
When I opened em, I saw how well I'd balanced on a tightrope
The truth is free at last
And I'm speaking for the super normal stars