Wreckord! - Shiver Down My Spine lyrics

I can feel the blood pulsing through your veins
I can't live without you breathing
I want you the same
Imagine if I hated you
How easy it would be to take that pulse away from you
It just really makes me feel worried
Thinking about it makes me sorry
I don't want to think about this

Vampires don't exist
Stop having nightmares
It's just shit your parents throw at you
In hopes that you'll believe it
The man down the street has nothing wrong with him
But I know the truth and I'll never be the same again

Your body quivers just as you shiver
It makes me want to die
Your body quivers just as you shiver
iIt makes me want to die

"Vampires don't exist";
just as Mom turns out the light
You begin to realize
That you're alone for the night