World's Fair - Sammy Sosa (2013)

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World's Fair - Sammy Sosa lyrics

[Verse 1: Jeff Donna]
One day I be careless, next day I'm meticulous
Cool calm and collected, on stage act ridiculous
Y'all can't fly close to the sun, y'all end up like Icarus
Y'all can't stand that solar power, my flow devours, shit it's a must
I'm a gentleman, gets drunk and lose all social filters
A vocal killer, going postal, knowing no one's iller
You think I'm wavy, then I'm surfing on all surfaces
I'm lurking through your nervous system, pinpointing your nervousness
Can't stop the blood flow, oh, get a tourniquet
No doctors, no herbalists, can stop me, being murderous
Understand my purposes, no son of Sam, no Berkowitz
I'm more Galactus, eating planets, uh-huh, Earth it is
First up on my services, watch how hard I work for this
Watch how hard they watching my pockets and all my purchases
Maverick like I'm Dirk Nowitzki when I score, wanting more
Might D.I.E. for sure, but it's worth the risk

[Verse 2: Cody B. Ware]
Split the arrow with the mind of a pharoah, double barrel
Camaro, horse power, devour flowers in my Nike apparel
Flow tighter than Carol's pussy, being modest a goddess
Gin and tonics with Niki Stein, what a simple scene
I'm scoring 40 over shorty, so they triple team
Dino Bravo the bottle, distilled and triple beamed
Now simple essential instrumentals must fit the team
Bad for your mental like liquor, loving and nicotine
So influential like nino on the carter, same old scene
Though at the garden, buying Williams in New Orleans now
Who you callin we be balling like Steve Austin
I'll afford your life on another night

[Verse 3:Nasty Nigel/Remy Banks]
I must admit I have a thing for women straight crying
Mascara running down they face while I'm straight dying
Fucking laughing honey
Considered myself upper class when I said, "match the money"
Eating foods with funny odors
Threw up on shorty's shoulder
We living lavish
Remy skyping all the way from Paris
You mean Parie?
Bonjour nigga my view so magnifique
Toting at the Louvre
Mona Lisa trying to groove with me
Laughing, chatting we snacking on macaroons from Mickey Ds
Big Mac until the third degree?
How you living B?
Still going to the same bars
Still sporting that wire
Better put it in your shoes like an old guard
Singing like Jerry Rivera
Nigel, Ruby, Rosa que es la cosa?
Es pan con la sopa (Coño)
Quitate la ropa, enseñame tu choca
Move to Barcelona bleach my skin like Sammy Sosa
63 home runs... Callate la boca