World Inferno Friendship Society - One For The Witches lyrics

You could become very dangerous
And i would
Really like it
This could become very serious
Man it would be a laugh
And a kiss
All this-
Like on the street
Where the kids yelled
'what the hell are you supposed to be?'
At my sister
And my sister
She just smiled as she replied-
'supposed to be? i never gave it any thought,
Never gave a damn - about what i'm supposed to be
But if you're asking what i am?-
I'm a fucking walking question mark-
I'm a walking fucking time bomb!'
Them my sister she smiled
And she turned and she walked away
And those kids they just stood there and stammered
And now you and i, i mean us
We're gonna live up to my sister's
Good example
Do you know?
We know
Do you know?
We know
Do you know?
We know
You could become very serious
But i don't think that you'd like it.
Cause all this, it is pretty dangerous
So hey, lets just laugh,
And lets kiss.
In spite of all this.