Woody's A Girl - Your Lies lyrics

The storm is setting in now
The sky, it blankets you
You're floating in an ocean
Of bitterest regret

The shore is out of sight now
You're drowning in the sea
This agony wells from within
And soaks through everything

You know there's no one left now
At last, you're all alone
So many things to regret
The smiling days are gone

You know that no one loves you
Who could love your like?
You know you're solitary
And fading with the light

The storm is taking you now
The sky, it wraps you up
You're drowning in the sea now
You're staring blindly up

You know that they don't mean it when
They cry out, "Please, don't go!"
You know they're telling stories with
The love that they bestow

You know you're just not worthy
Of all our tender care
The crowds around your casket
Really wish they weren't there

In times of bleakest darkness
You can't see straight at all
You're blind and you don't see that
We loved you all along