Woody's A Girl - Facet lyrics

Drag me out
You get me from my hidey hole
I love to hide here
But you just won't quit
So drag me out
Leave me dazed and confused
Blinking in the sunlight
Out in the open air
The freshness might just kill me
Turn my hair gray
You have no respect
"Bahh!" I say

But I get up on one elbow
Hear your chirpy voice
"Oh, did I wake you. Uhuhh. Sorry."
You stupid bimbo queen

It's just not fair
Why can't I remain
Safe and hidden
In my hidey hole
Until the day I decide
I'm ready?
Call me up
No matter that it's 6.30 am
You don't care
I do, but I don't let you know
My stupid brother won't take a message
He wants to piss me off
As much as he can
So he slams my door open and says,
"Trijha. Jenn'fer."

Just so you wouldn't be able to complain
I say, never again
So what if I'm a slacker

Let's see what you got to give next
Smart ass bitch
Let's see