Wolgemut - Platterspil lyrics

[Secret Track]

Doc: Now, ladies and gentlemen, before this program, you saw me make--

Seth: There's your light, right here where I am.

*audience laughs*

Doc: --you saw me make an instrument out of a carrot. Correct? Right. That carrot produced a tone, Right? Now, we have a theory: that if we merely add a little rhythm to the tone, we may at least approximate music!

Seth: Now, "approximate" is the highlightable word in that sentence.

*audience laughs*

Doc: And we've added a few more veggies to our medley here. I have a broccoli; what do you have, Seth?

Seth: I've got a yam, and the tip of a carrot--what else do you have, Doc?

Doc: Well, Seth...I've got the beet.

*audience laughs*

Doc: I know it's a long way to go, but there it is.

Seth: You know what we need is? We need our friends from Wolgemut to help us approximate music!

Doc: And you help us with the rhythm!