Wiz Khalifa - La La (Freestyle) (2011)

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Wiz Khalifa - La La (Freestyle) lyrics

I'm ridin in a caddy
stuntin like my daddy
rollin up my girlfriend
her first name mary
last name jane
look at these chains

Afro, nappy boy, call me T-Pain
bitches hear my phone
but see im probaly on a plane
got my eyes low
like im lou kane
niggas want that flame
so i supply it
its perfect here

im hating, some of those southern niggas try it but its worthless
im buried wide g, some you guy on the surface

niggas want that green
but i be where the purp is
where you man bitch?
he forgot where his skirt is

heard my album droppin
now you gettin nervous
see i be goin hard
this is what i do
i roll another one, tell that bitch to get a clue
its hard for me to name all those places where i flew
i get it all by