Wiz Khalifa - California (Lyrics On Screen) lyrics (Chinese translation). | I’mma smoke a trippy stick on this one
, Hash oil..
, [Verse 1]
, Roll a joint, roll another...
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Wiz Khalifa - California (Lyrics On Screen) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I’mma smoke a trippy stick on this one
ZH: 把烟这一个半圆形坚持

EN: Hash oil..
ZH: 哈希油...

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [诗歌 1]

EN: Roll a joint, roll another one
ZH: 卷一联合,卷另一个

EN: When it’s all said and done
ZH: 当它已经全部说和做

EN: I’ll be at the top b!tch
ZH: 我会在顶部的 b ! 桦

EN: Cause I hustle a lot
ZH: 我快了很多的原因

EN: Them cars, been pulling em off the lot
ZH: 他们的汽车,被拉出 em

EN: Don’t even test drive it before I cop
ZH: 即使不测试驱动器之前我缔约方

EN: Just ordered a yacht
ZH: 刚刚订购了一艘游艇

EN: We’re at the craps table in Vegas
ZH: 我们在骰子桌在拉斯维加斯

EN: The dealer saying how he admiring my watch
ZH: 交易商说如何他欣赏我的手表

EN: I’m placing my wager
ZH: 我将我放我下注

EN: No need to care about how much paper I blow
ZH: 无需关心有关多少纸我吹

EN: Cause I been getting this money and stay on
ZH: 我已获得这笔钱,留在香港的原因

EN: A couple things that I know
ZH: 我知道的事儿

EN: I’m blowing this stink by the O
ZH: 我吹这臭的 O

EN: My weed so strong I swear to god you would think it’s cologne
ZH: 我如此强烈的杂草我向上帝发誓你会认为它的科隆

EN: I go anywhere in the world and just make it my home
ZH: 在世界任何地方去,并使它只是我的家

EN: Staying at the highest level but I didn’t make it alone
ZH: 住在最高级别但没有让它独自

EN: Now that my money right them suckers keep thinking I’m wrong
ZH: 现在,我的钱对他们吸盘一直在想我错了

EN: But I’m just switching lanes, foot off the brake and I’m gone
ZH: 但我只需要切换脚刹车上的行车线,与我离去

EN: If you ain’t talking money homie, you can’t get a call
ZH: 如果您不在说钱,你不能调用

EN: Cause this a muthaf-ckin life that you can’t live at all
ZH: 导致这世上 ckin 生活,你根本不能活

EN: I’m getting high while I drive, I ain’t thinking of y’all…
ZH: 我开车时,我很高,我不想 y'all…

EN: [Hook x2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]

EN: I just wanna ride in my ride with my top down
ZH: 我只是想骑我骑我顶

EN: And smoke weed with my niggas
ZH: 并与我痛哭

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [诗歌 2]

EN: Still rolling weed on my XXL
ZH: 我 XXL 仍滚动杂草

EN: Only different is that’s me on the cover
ZH: 唯一不同的是这就是我盖上

EN: Once in a while call my little sister and tell her I love her
ZH: 偶尔叫我的小妹妹,并告诉她我爱她

EN: Cause she can get crazy in this industry
ZH: 她能在这个行业中疯狂的原因

EN: All your friends become your enemies
ZH: 你所有的朋友都成为你的敌人

EN: That’s why I stay down with the ones that’s still with me
ZH: 这就是为什么我下呆在一起那些仍然和我在一起的

EN: The niggas who started and they down ? the end with me
ZH: 你在开始和他们下来吗?和我一起结束

EN: Make sure the positive energy be flowing
ZH: 请确保积极的能量流

EN: All the weed keep rolling
ZH: 所有杂草都滚滚

EN: All of us keep getting high, the sky
ZH: 我们大家都保持越来越高,天空

EN: We gonna keep from falling
ZH: 我们要防止塌下来

EN: Niggas keep hating, but baby I’mma keep ballin
ZH: 保持讨厌,但婴儿接受保持一生一起

EN: Now I’m buying a steak on
ZH: 现在购买一份牛排上

EN: On private island vacations
ZH: 私人岛屿度假

EN: Flying on private planes
ZH: 对私人飞机的飞行

EN: I’m cool with the pilot, he let me roll something
ZH: 我很酷的飞行员,他让我送的东西

EN: Put on a movie, let my girl watch it
ZH: 放一场电影,让我看着它的女孩

EN: Ask my dealer how I look, that Ferrari option
ZH: 问我经销商如何我看,该法拉利选项

EN: Just an everyday life, when you young and bossin..
ZH: 只是日常的生活,当你年轻和 bossin...

EN: [Hook x2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]

EN: I just wanna ride in my ride with my top down
ZH: 我只是想骑我骑我顶

EN: And smoke weed with my niggas
ZH: 并与我痛哭