Without A Cross - P.M.R.C. lyrics

I’m so sick and tired of being the bigger man
What’s wrong with being the little man
The one that never backs down from a fight
The one that kills the whole world tonight

Violence, Is a part of life
Shut the fuck up or you’ll die contrite
Beat down, break down dream into silence
Because the world is violent

So I hear I’m not a good man for saying fuck
Fuck is just a word that’s so fucked up
Need another bitch fest before you judge again
Well fuck you and fuck your life you can suck me then

Silence, has it’s own right
Never do this unless you want it done tonight
Take me, break me never lose your hold
Or reap to gain control

I’m not a corporate drone
So that makes me a bad man
You’re a bitch and you know you are
Censor this

Fuck, bitch, whore, cunt
Ass, dick, prick, slut
Damn, cum, penis, totem
Suck, vagina, male scrotum