Without A Cross - Orgasmic Dream lyrics

Suddenly, all I see
Is hate staring back at me
To those fuckers let them bleed
Or breathe hate eternally

Now step back to the starting line
Will we bleed another time
All hate consumes but never shines
Through this peace so fucking divine

Now it’s all prominent on success
To control to love it’s best
This is how real love screams
To the best orgasmic dream

Now step back to the middle line
Since we’ve nothing left but time
To this hate I must be blunt
Come on now to fuck it up

I’m a freak you know my name
To decide whose to blame
Now it’s me I’m not the same
As I was yesterday

Now step back to the finish line
No motherfucker stands in due time
Sever thoughts of this world
Or fuck it up with the brand new world

The end of the world is here