With Faith Or Flames - The Conquest Triumphant lyrics

We traverse these barren wastes, A constant quest for greater glory
The odds we face, complete disgrace
Forever encompass this conquest triumphant
To those of us whom we have lost
Still we remain but pay the cost
This journey will thrive on in legend
Our story the subject of lore
On my word, what I speak is no fable
Live for freedom, I'll die with my sword
With our passions the product of legends
And our mission the conquest of dreams
Not all men can live lives of the warrior
Know the battle's not all that it seems
Forever we'll ride with steel by our side
Our spirits may tire but we shall survive
With hearts that are sure, and metal that's pure
Our bodies grow weary but we shall endure
This day we'll slay
All foes who will stand in our way!
This night we'll fight!
Our resolve never broken!
We've crossed the desert sands
And scaled the highest mountain tops
We've fought against the arctic winds
And still our quest will never stop