With Faith Or Flames - Heir To The Viking Throne lyrics

Upon this cursed throne resides a self appointed king
The masks of saviors hide the faces of his destiny
Odin kin, your face be damned!
I'll take no part in your war cult heaven
You hide behind that cross you bear
But now your heart kneels to Valhalla
Speaker of light, Bringer of pain
Deceiver, Embodiment of shadows
Entrusted with power
A worshiper of war
Fabricator, False witness to prophecy
Of an end To an unwinnable war
You've mastered your subjects' denial
Convinced them that blood is the righteous way
Your shroud of deceit has befallen
And enslaved the ones who determine your fate
Regards, You've conquered all who've dared to stand before you
And defy the laws you've brought to pass
Against the ones who trusted you to serve
Regards, You've been the one they needed to destroy us all
And by the time we realize Forever we'll be dead and gone