Wisdom In Chains - We're Not Helping lyrics

This world was built for people like you, but it was built by people like me.
You don't want me sharing your piece of the pie and that's fine by me.
Born rich, your daddy gave you everything.
It's not your fault but I don't really care cause I was born into poverty so I don't think you can tell me shit about fair.
Where were you when I was living in the streets?
There's no place for my kind in your system.
We come from nowhere.
We owe you nothing.
And now I'm done with you.
I've dwelled in the hoods and slums.
I didn't want you then and I say fuck you now.
I've slept on the cold ground homeless.
You didn't help me then so what the fuck makes you think I'm gonna lend a hand building this piece of shit world?

We're not helping, we're not helping.
We don't owe you a goddamn thing so,
We're not helping, we're not helping.
Build your own lopsided utopia.
I've lived in poverty before, I'll take my chances without you