Wingin Utter - Pills & Smoke lyrics

I was a city baby raised on a well-worn street my dady hated it because of it's fame i never noticed really i was too young at the time to care about the history in it's name. Some years go by and the move me to the sticks some dinky satellite of my old home and it was there i took off to meet my mind on the streets and it was there i made off on my own. And i've been sick and i've been tired i've been a madman slashing tires and starting fires i'm not afraid cowards be damned i'm full of pills and smoke and booze and i'm teenage. A few wasted years a cup of tasteless tears i learned my lessons the old fashioned way some think i'm angry and mean but,hell, i'm only eighteen there's only so much a kid can take. Another day, another time my life and loves are in line but i never lost thenerve that i had i kept my insides clean my soul solid and lean my independence guiding me through the crap.