Willy Porter - Somebody Else lyrics

Who was that drunken fool
At four A.M. with the moon in your sills?
Singing love me, love me do
Singing like a broken Romeo will
You wonder if he's changed that much
Lost the booze, lost his touch
You gave your body honey, I could tell
That you were saving yourself

For somebody else
Like a bird into flight
Somebody else
Is dancing under the lights
With my darling tonight

Now the sky is threatening
Those black clouds are God's furrowed brow
Soon we'll be soaked to the skin
And we'll say goodbye somehow
I can't see the forest for the trees
I saw you coming but I couldn't see
That I'd love you in spite of myself

Now somebody else
Is getting your best
Somebody else
The lucky fool has been blessed
Now somebody else
Watches as you undress
Ah, loneliness

And the taxi driver's stoned
He stares at the sidewalk and not the road
I saw you standing as we rolled by
Stopped to offer, but you declined
Oh, me, oh, my, oh, well
I guess you're waiting for
Somebody else

Please have mercy on our souls
If we lose our treasure, lose our gold
These human hearts can turn so cold
As we watch tragedy unfold
On somebody else
Somebody else
Can always be found
If I'm not around