Willy Porter - Hard lyrics

Mama's in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub
Thinkin' about twistin' one up
Everybody here is down with the bug
Everybody here is frustrated

So you don't have to be so hard

Bottoms up, Dixie cup
Baby, you're the one I tried to love up
All by myself
You can spit in my face
I'll probably save you a place
Up high on the shelf

But you don't have to be so hard

Now you shine around my door
With nothing new to say
If you had the best intentions
You wouldn't leave things where they lay

Old enough to see
What makes your rockets fly
And how to make myself cry, to live better
Old enough to see the beauty of one tree
Growin' up to face the weather

So you don't have to be so hard
On us, we're hard enough on ourselves