Willy DeVille - Voodoo Charm lyrics

I wake up in the morning from the same dream I always have
I see the same face I saw while I was lying there
There's goofy dust sprinkled all outside my door
I go to shave and I see her face in the mirror shattered on the floor.

She got (voodoo charm)
She got (voodoo charm) voodoo charm.

She holds the key to all men's souls locked around her neck
And when she passes by, they bark like dogs or drop down dead
Some spit out snails, some say they were crossed
And they all walk the streets at night and swear that they get lost.

'Cause she got (voodoo charm)
'Cause she got (voodoo charm) voodoo charm.

(Hey hey hey hey)
(Hey hey hey) Hey hey hey, hey hey hey.

She got (voodoo charm) voodoo charm
She got (voodoo charm) voodoo charm.

Just like a queen of some kind, she wears her hair in a tignon high
She comes floating down Rampart Street and the folks cross the other side
Don't go to her to fix some man, don't go to her for love
Don't go to her to get revenge, don't go to her because ...

She got (voodoo charm)
She got (voodoo charm) voodoo charm.

She got voodoo charm
She got gris-gris too
She got War Water and High John the Conqueroo.

She got voodoo charm, voodoo charm