Willy DeVille - Spanish Jack lyrics

Spanish Jack had a Cadillac that he always parked around the corner
He wore his hat tipped to the side like a pimp on Easter morning
I was on the street that Saturday night when they all claim they saw him
In his cowboy shoes and shantung suit and the night was young in August.

His lady's name was Sunny Day, she had Jack tattooed on her shoulder
Jack played cards with Gentleman Jim and Sunny did everything Jack told her
Gentleman Jim won Jack's watch and chain in a badly dealt game of poker
Then Sunny Day kind of moved away as the last hand hit the table.

Jack he had a pair of nines and Gentleman showed three aces
You took my watch and chain and now my gold tipped cane, put both your hands up on the table
We can settle this thing in a gentleman's way, let's just step outside the doorway
The night was warm and they looked at the stars but only one will see the morning.

There's nothing lower than a cheat at cards, especially at poker
Before the Gentleman he could cheat again, the Spaniard pulled out his revolver
Spanish Jack shot Gentleman dead and the shouts sounded loud as thunder
And when the smoke it cleared Gentleman Jim lay dead, this was his last game of poker.

Jack filled Jim with so much lead, it took six men too move him over
So full of lead and oozing red, they stole the boots right off his body
If you're gonna play a game of cards, be sure with who you're gambling
This game of chance you could never win if Spanish Jack is at the table.