Willy DeVille - Angel Eyes lyrics

Angel baby, you're the strength in my life
And when we come so close, I've love on my side
Where did you come from in the darkness of night ?
They must have sent you from heaven and with your wings you did fly.

Angel, angel, angel eyes.

You're untouched by the city, an empty excuse of a life
What did I do to deserve you ? I believe in miracles now.
Where is your halo ? Baby, I see the light
Why did they send you from heaven and into my life ?

Angel, angel, angel eyes.

They say love makes the world goes 'round
Now what goes up must come down
Now that you came into my life
Oh and after darkness there must be light
And on these terms the world can be mine
Now that you came into my life.

In your voice there is rapture, a magic touch so divine
You got to rock me and sway me from side to side.
You got your way so take me up lay me down
There's no room for the blues, in love there's no room for pride.

Oh angel, angel, angel eyes.
Angel eyes, angel eyes, angel eyes, angel eyes.