William S. Burroughs - Old Western Movies lyrics

A Jedge in the West comin from the South
with ruby sideburns, boy –
Always usin flowery languij –
The grim fightin hero's troubles
are always private –
He wants to know where "I fit in"
in herd wars –
Sometimes you see villains so ancient
you saw them in infancy
exaggerating in snow
their mustaches looking older
than yr father's grave –
"Thanks Marshall" – "I reckon"
I guess I better run on back
to Whiskey Row, Colorada,
& marry an old Tim McCoy Gal
or turn off the tele vision, one –

You gotta go a long way in the West
to find a good man –
So close the book,
The Courier, run by Steve, is a paper
wearing a sunbonnet.
Drive the cattle thru that silver wall,
help ladies to their hearse,
mouth in the sun,
That oughta do till Mexican Drygulcher
finds Redwing in the Shack
And Kwakiutls menstruate
Old Horses' necks by broken fences,
guns gone rust
I guess the gang got shot.

Kid Dream
In the leaves.

April 1958, Northport.