William Elliott Whitmore - Does Me No Good lyrics

Can I forgive my past transgressions
Can I forgive my own past sins
That's not likely
No I will never feel the same again

Well, it does me no good to say I'm sorry
Although I am, for what it's worth
But you can't hear me for you're resting
Six feet under the cold black dirt

Oh, them daisies they sure look pretty
Blooming there by your stone
They remind me that life continues
And I'll never be alone

I'd give my body, I'd give my soul
For one more chance to make amends
But that's not possible for my means
could not justify my end
It does me no good to sit and think of
All the things that I done wrong
It took me forever to remember
what I should have known all along

Well if you can hear my last confession
If you can hear my final plea
Oh, although I never showed it
Oh, you meant the world to me
It does me no good to recollect on
All that whiskey has done been spilt
And my boat ain't gonna float
all weighed down by them bricks of guilt