Willa Ford - Did You Understand That? lyrics

Sometimes I wish that I could be the person that you are
Just for a minute, only enough that I can break your heart
Can you even comprehend
Or did you even understand a single word that I've said?
I wonder why you do the things that boy you do to me
I can't imagine why you treated me so horribly
Are you listening to me
Are you trying to ignore me
Do I stutter when I speak

Whatcha gonna do
Baby, whatcha gonna say
I'm cutting you loose 'cause I got no time for you
Who ya gonna run to
Who ya gonna play
As a matter of fact, I won't look back

I don't want you
I don't need you
So let me tell you where its at
I'm through with you
Can ya understand that
I don't want you
I don't love you
So hit the road Jake
'Cause I'm through with you

Did ya understand that
Be, be, be

Ohh... sometimes I wish that you could be the person that I am
So you can get inside exactly where(?) I'm feel it
Baby, then you'd understand
How to treat a lady and to be a real man
You can't imagine what I think of when I think of you
I see you sucking out the person that I thought I knew
Will you ever comprehend, no...
Baby, you can keep it going but I can't pretend


(I used to be the) I used to be
(only girl that you lived for) that you lived for
(I have no idea what she says the next two lines.
The only word I can really make out is "jaded")

When I'm around you (when I'm around you)
What has this got to do

(Chorus x2)