Will Wakefield - Give lyrics

He said the sun cannot be heard even on it's brightest day
and the jury heard his words but the judge put him away
and the prosecutor he felt, that justice had been served
and the citizens of the court, didn't see what he deserved

and the man stood at the gallows, with his head held high
with his arms spread between in an prayer to the sky
he said please... give me your love

the people looked around, and some of them felt confused
he didn't ask for forgiveness, he didn't ask for abuse
they stood and watched with their eyes closed, as the guillotine came
down they grumbled amongst themselves and moved about the town a woman climbed upon the platform with her head held high
and spoke as loud as she dared, in a heart moving cry
she said please... remember him with love

a young man with ambition, for things he felt must come
he spoke his mind many times, and sometimes said to much

some say he was a rebel, many say he was a traitor
some say he was right, some people name him savior
he said please... give me your love

everybody sing la, la, la, laa...
a son asked his father for what reason had this been done
he said even on it's brightest day kid, nobody's ever heard the sun