Will Smith - Switch lyrics (Chinese translation). | Switch
, Alright ready
, Come on man, this is what I do
, Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you...
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Will Smith - Switch (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Switch
ZH: 开关

EN: Alright ready
ZH: 好了准备好了

EN: Come on man, this is what I do
ZH: 来的人,这是我做什么

EN: Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go
ZH: 哟 mic 复选、 mic 复选、 是在这里你去

EN: Nah, he over here
ZH: 不,他在这里

EN: Yeah, I heard he got that hot new thing
ZH: 是的我听到他那东西热新

EN: It's called "Switch" (switch)
ZH: 它被称为"开关"(开关)

EN: Let's get it going
ZH: 让我们继续

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Hey switch, turn it over and hit it
ZH: 嘿切换,反过来它又打它

EN: Turn around, now switch
ZH: 一转身,现在切换

EN: Turn it over and hit it
ZH: 翻转它,打它

EN: Hey, vibe to vibe a second, it's a club girl why you arrived naked
ZH: 嘿盛传一秒钟的感觉,就是为什么你到达了裸体俱乐部女孩

EN: Hear that, how the veteran glide the record
ZH: 听到这,退伍军人如何滑翔记录

EN: But don't download, go out and buy the record
ZH: 但不要下载、 走出去和购买记录

EN: Hey, something sexy bout her
ZH: 嘿,东西性感 bout 她

EN: Girl on the floor, all her friends around her
ZH: 上楼,她的朋友都在她身边的女孩

EN: I mean real clean, ain't gotta touch or nothing
ZH: 我的意思是真正干净,没得碰或什么都不

EN: It ain't like I like a chick on chick or something
ZH: 它不是像我喜欢小鸡鸡或者其他什么

EN: I'm just a sucker for a hot track
ZH: 我只是个倒霉的热点追踪

EN: Gimme a drink and a chick to tell 'Stop that'
ZH: 给我喝一杯和小鸡告诉 ' 停止 '

EN: Dance is a hop and a clap, flip it round
ZH: 舞蹈是一个跃点和拍手,翻转倒圆角

EN: Now bring it on back, break it down
ZH: 现在把它带在背上,它打破

EN: Now switch
ZH: 现在切换

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Uh uh uh
ZH: 呃呃呃

EN: I gotta question, I need to ask somebody
ZH: 我就不得不怀疑,需要问别人

EN: Why is it that when y'all see me at the party
ZH: 为什么是它,当你们看到我在聚会

EN: Y'all be looking like, "Ooh, he a movie star
ZH: 你们看起来像,"哦,他是电影明星

EN: He ain't supposed to be out on the floor with everybody"
ZH: 他不被应该出每个人都在地板上"

EN: But oh wait, whoa, y'all forgetting
ZH: 但哦等待,哇,你们都忘记了

EN: When I was, amateur spitting before the scripts were written
ZH: 时,业余随地吐痰在脚本之前被写

EN: First one in, last one out the club
ZH: 第一次一个,最后一个俱乐部

EN: Bursting in, passing out in the club
ZH: 在中,突晕倒在俱乐部

EN: Back at it, this cat is the wit and the charm
ZH: 回到岗位上,这只猫是智慧和魅力

EN: Taking you higher, like a syringe hittin' ya arm
ZH: 考虑更高,像一个注射器,打震遐臂

EN: Bringing the fire, making your Benz ring the alarm
ZH: 带火,使您的奔驰闹钟响了

EN: Let me see you clap, spin baby, come on
ZH: 让我看看你拍手,自旋宝贝加油

EN: Switch
ZH: 开关

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Oh, you just gonna stand there, huh
ZH: 哦,你只会站在那里,是吧

EN: What you too cute to dance, or you scared
ZH: 你太可爱的舞蹈,或你害怕的是什么

EN: It ain't really that hard to do and
ZH: 这不是真的很难做,

EN: I aint trying to be in love with you and
ZH: 我不是想要的爱着你和

EN: All I wanted was a moment or two to
ZH: 我想要的就是时刻或两到

EN: See if you could do that switch-a-roo and
ZH: 看看你能不能那开关小袋鼠和

EN: Shut your mouth fool, get your crew and
ZH: 闭上你的嘴傻瓜、 好你的船员和

EN: The thick body and the rear one too and
ZH: 厚厚的身体和后方一个太及

EN: I'll be right hear waiting on you to
ZH: 我会会吧听听等你到

EN: See if y'all can do that switch-a-roo
ZH: 看看是否你们都能做那开关小袋鼠

EN: Hey, hey
ZH: 嘿,嘿

EN: That's what I'm talking bout, do that thing mama
ZH: 这就是我的是在说怎么样,做那件事妈妈

EN: That's what I'm talking bout, do that thing mama
ZH: 这就是我的是在说怎么样,做那件事妈妈

EN: That's what I'm talking bout, do that thing mama
ZH: 这就是我的是在说怎么样,做那件事妈妈

EN: That's what I'm talking bout, switch
ZH: 这就是自己在说什么 bout、 开关

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]