Will A.K.A. Lucky - Sweat lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Would you mind, if I stroke your body slowly babe
And you won't mind once I get between your thighs babe
I know you want it, I want it too
I'm going deeper, inside you
Grab my back and sqeeze it tight
Cause this gone be a loooooong night

Welcome to the game
Hope you came ready to play
Put your duffle bag inside
Changes your clothes and get a gatorade
Put your game face on, cus your going in the right now
Won't be no time now, so you gotta hold us down
Wanna see you sweat, soaking up the sheets and drip all over me and you know it makes me weak girl
Wanna see you sweat, effection of the moonlight so the planets alright cause I'm on your mind and
Wanna see you sweat cause, you got to do it, got to do it, got to do it, now wait, let's slow it down
Girl I wanna feel your sweat come drip all over me, xome lay your body this S W E A T!

[Verse 2:]
Can you feel it running all over you girl
And damn this feeling it it's like I'm swimming in your love
Cause if these four walls could talk they would say
You and me were meant to be, doing this, right here, right now
Girl put down the towel you can last another round don't wipe the sweat, just feel it now


I didn't hear about the slight chance in rain,
But I'm in here waiting when the sweat just rolls off your face,
So whip it we can hold on, let's do it with no clothes on
Sorry for messing up your hair, Call the beauty shop tomorrow and I'll take you there,
Now it's time to wear you out, & the love will bring you down, go ahead and climax WOW
Wanna see you sweat