Why Should I? Because - I Don't Know lyrics

Always try to do my best, gotta be consistent
Sometimes quite annoying, maybe too insistent
Trying to recall all the things that she said to me
Gotta work hard now, gotta use my memory
Maybe think I need a break, seeking resolution
Somtimes I'm the problem, others a solution
Defended all the issues, even if a lost cause
Came to my attention, knowing all I got was

I have certain feelings, moral obligations
Avoiding all the problems, avoiding medication
Try to rise above where I can, where it's possible
Maybe not assertive, sometimes barely audible
Maybe I should realize, not always authority
Feelings independepent, differ from majority
Maybe I should realize I don't always know what to say
Perhaps I'm in the wrong now, didn't want to end this way

Sometimes i don't know, please tell me so
I can't always win, you know...
Better than anyone, better than anyone
Always here beside me, always there to fight me
Gotta look inside you, see what's there behind you
Ihere's one thing I won't do, never here to spite you

Doesn't always go that great, there are disagreements
Something relatively small leads to major grievance
Times will prove quite difficult, everything thrown back at me
Often unexpected, unprovoked attack on me
Just let me explain myself, maybe doesn't justify
Getting close to giving up, don't even know why I try
Consider for yourself now, from one time to another
There remains the simple fact, we were always there for each other


There's still more I don't know