Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? - Hunger lyrics

I lost my hunger, it ran clear away on the first day of fall,
but I'm younger than you were when you made that same mistake,
so don't say I should have known, though it's true.

I've come home, to find my mirrors turned into windows,
they lead to a future I thought to avoid, is there time yet?
I hope so

Now we've learned, there's only so many times you can come home
bruised and burned, you're holding a fire too close in your hands,
can you let go? Will you let go?

Or we could just sing along to someone else's song,
and stomp our feet to raise the dead
I attached my eyelids to the setting sun,
but when it rises I still can't get out of bed.

These days, it seems we go about things in these same ways,
we know they failed in the past,
but I don't feel dumb, do you?