Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast - Wrestler Hoedown lyrics

Every Saturday I'm at home doing my thing
Watching great big banners running 'round in the ring
I sit there, me and Drew turn off the sound
And then we get freaky and do our own version of Smackdown

Well, I'm a wrestler, I love it, don't you see
It's really healthy and I make lots of money
The only thing I don't like that gives me such a fright
Is when I see Ryan in his little tights

I am a wrestler, let me on the loose
Over the years, I've taken lots of abuse
My head is being smacked, I've been hit and it turned buckle
Because of all my injuries, I've lost the ability to rhyme

I hate wrestling, I think they're all on the take
The way they throw themselves around, I'm sure that it is fake
The way they act, you think that they really did
But can they break a neon light by slamming it with their head?

Slamming it with their head!