Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast - Skydiving Hoedown lyrics

When I started dating, they say "You're insane"
"Wayne, why do you take your date stuffed in a plane?"
Because I know that a girl loves the way I go
And so if the date goes well, guess who'll be yelling "Geronimo!"

Well, I say skydiving's the best way to call it off
When you and your girlfriend have just had enough
And here's how you do it, no, don't think that I'm insane
You get up there, take her 'chute off, and kick her off the plane!


I jumped out of a plane, my parachute, it failed
All the blood rushed from me, my complexion paled
Everywhere you could hear my scared call
Luckily, all my urine broke my fall

I was skydiving when my parachute failed
I couldn't stop, I just sailed and sailed and sailed
But I looked around and I was no dummy
I survived because I landed on Drew Carey's tummy

On Drew Carey's tummy!