Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast - Scary Wife Hoedown lyrics

Oh, I got married about a year ago
I'm as happy as can be, I think you all should know
But my wife, I'm glad I did marry
Except in the morning, she looks like Drew Carey

Well, Wayne gets worried about his little wife
Because she is the love of his life
But every night, just about three
Oh, Wayne! She's on with me!

Every night my wife scares the life out of me
With her ugly hair and scars all you can see
Marrying someone that ugly really wasn't my plan
I accidentally married Janice Rodran

You know that my wife, she is my best pal
I will have to say that she is quite a gal
When it comes to wives, she is the best
She's the finest in the land
Phew, now I'll get some sex!

Now I'll get some sex!