Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast - Playboy Photographer Hoedown lyrics

I've got a job, now don't you all laugh
I work for Hugh Heffner, I take photographs
But I stopped the day I don't wanna be rude
But you said "Hey, Wayne, take pictures of Drew nude"

When I was young, I took up photography
Then I worked for Playboy, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee
What's the best thing about working over there?
Well, I saw Wayne's mom in her underwear!

How'd you know?
You got a fine mama

I am a photographer, but I'm not the best
I have a hard time photographing chests
I called an expert who lived out west
Because when it comes to this, father knows breast

I'm taking pictures of Drew out by his pool
He wants to be in the nude, I think that's kind of cool
He's paying me lots of money, all of it in tens
After looking at him I think I'll need to telephone O'Lens

Telephone O'Lens!