Whitney Houston - One Of Those Days lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Ad-libs] Ohh. This is just for me.
, [Laughs]
, Kick off my shoes and relax my feet
, Hit the...
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Whitney Houston - One Of Those Days (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Ad-libs] Ohh. This is just for me.
ZH: [广告解放]哦。这就是我。

EN: [Laughs]
ZH: [笑]

EN: Kick off my shoes and relax my feet
ZH: 踢掉我的鞋子和放松我的脚

EN: Hit the kitchen grab a bite to eat
ZH: 撞到厨房拿点东西吃

EN: It's been one of those crazy weeks
ZH: 它一直是那些疯狂的周之一

EN: And I gotta do something special for me
ZH: 我得为我做特别的东西

EN: See, hit the salon get a mani and a pedi
ZH: 看看,打沙龙 get 玛尼和 pedi

EN: Have a massage, get a sip and then I'm ready
ZH: 有一次按摩,把一口,然后我准备好了

EN: Gotta take time out
ZH: 得花时间

EN: And my real ladies know what I'm talking about
ZH: 我真正的女士们知道自己在说什么

EN: [Sing] Oooooooh, baby baby
ZH: [唱]Oooooooh,孩子孩子

EN: You don't know what I've been going through
ZH: 你不知道我一直

EN: Sing it again now. Oooooooh, baby baby
ZH: 现在再唱它。Oooooooh,孩子孩子

EN: It's obvious to see exactly what I need
ZH: 很明显,看看我需要什么

EN: One of those days
ZH: 那些日子之一

EN: When the sun is shining bright
ZH: 当阳光明媚

EN: And my life is going right
ZH: 我的生活会向右

EN: And the simple things are not wasted
ZH: 一些简单的东西不会浪费

EN: One of those days
ZH: 那些日子之一

EN: When you're cruising in your car
ZH: 当你正在巡航在你的车

EN: And you're out to see the stars
ZH: 你看星星

EN: And it's warm outside and beautiful
ZH: 外面温暖又美丽

EN: Tonight, it's all about me
ZH: 今晚,是关于我的一切

EN: Just wanna set my body free
ZH: 只是想要设置我的身体自由

EN: Never mind the TV
ZH: 永远记住电视

EN: Tonight I'll just let a little TV watch me
ZH: 今晚我只是会让一个小电视看着我

EN: Light the candles, aroma therapy
ZH: 点燃的蜡烛、 芳香疗法

EN: Hot tub bubbles surrounding me
ZH: 环绕在我周围的热水浴缸泡沫

EN: Mr. Big is in the background
ZH: 大先生是在背景中

EN: The Isley Brothers gonna hold it down... sing
ZH: Isley 兄弟要按住它唱下来...

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Ad-libs at the end, singing hello... hello... (friendly)]
ZH: [Ad-libs 在结束了,唱歌你好...你好......(友好的)]

EN: I need one of those days
ZH: 我需要一天

EN: you don't know what...
ZH: 你不知道什么...

EN: warm and beautiful
ZH: 温暖和美丽

EN: [Laughs again.]
ZH: [又笑]。