Whitney Houston - My Love lyrics

Some girls just wanna spend guys money
Live their lives chasing the milk and honey
Silver lines there every fanatsy
But your lucky cause that aint me

Most girls think guys are all the same
Not true so i cant take the blame
I'll love you through the joy and pain
Even the coldest Georgia rain

See my heart is like an open sky
see my love is like a river wide
no my love will never ever run dry
it runs over for you and i
seemy heart us deeper than the sea
its sweeter than a pretty melody
so tell everybody that you glad you gat me
can trust in your love my L O V E

You gatta go through the fire
the rain take the joy and endure the pain
never give in dont give up
you can try but you never ever break my love
sweet sweet love
sweet sweet love
and i know why

Chorus 2x