Whitney Houston - Love That Man lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ah, ah, ah
, Things just ain't the way that they used to be
, Back in the day when a man meant...
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Whitney Houston - Love That Man (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ah, ah, ah
ZH: 啊,啊,啊

EN: Things just ain't the way that they used to be
ZH: 只是事情的方式,他们用来将

EN: Back in the day when a man meant security
ZH: 以前当一个男人意味着安全的日子里

EN: He'd be working hard all week
ZH: 他会努力工作所有周

EN: Baby kick back and throw up your feet
ZH: 宝贝后踢和吐了你的脚

EN: Let me fix you a treat
ZH: 让我给你治疗

EN: So it might be love and sweet
ZH: 所以有可能爱和甜

EN: But he's worth it
ZH: 但他是值得

EN: He deserves it
ZH: 他活该

EN: May not be perfect
ZH: 不可能完美

EN: But he's all the man I need
ZH: 但他是我需要的所有人

EN: He's ready and willing
ZH: 他是准备和愿意

EN: Gives me the feeling, ah
ZH: 给我的感觉啊

EN: And whenever we're together
ZH: 和我们在一起时

EN: I know where I belong
ZH: 我知道我属于的地方

EN: [chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: It's just the way he looks into your eyes
ZH: 这就是他看着你的眼睛

EN: Love that man
ZH: 爱那个男人

EN: It's the love he gives that makes you fantasize
ZH: 那是他给的爱让你幻想

EN: Love that man
ZH: 爱那个男人

EN: It's the time he takes to show you that he cares
ZH: 这是他告诉你他在乎你的时间

EN: And he's always there (He's always always there)
ZH: 他总是有 (他总是总是有)

EN: Don't you love that man (I know)
ZH: 你不爱 (知道) 的那个人吗

EN: Things they ain't the way they used to be
ZH: 事情他们不是要他们过去习惯的方式

EN: When a woman and a man work hard to be
ZH: 当一个女人和一个男人努力工作

EN: Happy in love and stand together ooh
ZH: 乐在爱和站在一起哦

EN: (Let's stay that way forever)
ZH: (让我们永远保持那种)

EN: Never give in to a fight
ZH: 永不放弃的战斗

EN: Just trying work it out
ZH: 只想做出来

EN: Never give up on him
ZH: 他从来没有放弃

EN: That's not what love's about
ZH: 这就不是爱的事

EN: Stay true to your feelings
ZH: 坚持你的感情

EN: And remember
ZH: 还记得

EN: All the things he's done for you
ZH: 他为你做的所有事情

EN: [Repeat Chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: You'd better know I'm talking about that old-school love
ZH: 你最好要知道我说的那个老学校爱

EN: That everlasting feeling can never be too much
ZH: 那种永恒的感觉永远不会太多

EN: Somebody loves you heart and soul
ZH: 有人爱你的心和灵魂

EN: Hold on, don't stop
ZH: 等等,不要停止

EN: And never let him go
ZH: 永远不让他走

EN: [Repeat Chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]