Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best lyrics (Chinese translation). | Did you really think that
, I would really take you back
, Let you back in my heart one more time
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Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Did you really think that
ZH: 你真的认为吗

EN: I would really take you back
ZH: 真的收回到你

EN: Let you back in my heart one more time
ZH: 让你回我的心再一次

EN: Ohh. No. No.
ZH: 哦。号号

EN: Did you think that I'd still care
ZH: 我仍然有照顾你

EN: That there'd be more feeling there
ZH: 会有更多的感觉

EN: Did you think you could walk back in my life.
ZH: 你认为你可以走回到我的生活中。

EN: So you found you miss the love you threw away.
ZH: 所以你发现你会错过你扔的爱。

EN: Baby but you found it out too late. Too Late.
ZH: 宝宝,但你发现它太晚了。太晚了。

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: And so now you know the way it feels to cry
ZH: 所以现在你也知道这种感觉要哭

EN: The way that I cried when you broke my world in two.
ZH: 我哭了当你打破了我在两个世界的方式。

EN: Baby I learned the way to break a heart
ZH: 我学到的方式会让人心碎的宝贝

EN: I learned from the best.
ZH: 我学到最好的。

EN: I learned from you.
ZH: 我从你学到。

EN: Oh baby now.
ZH: 哦宝贝现在。

EN: I learned from you
ZH: 我从你身上学

EN: I remember cold nights
ZH: 我记得寒冷的夜晚

EN: Tears I though would never dry
ZH: 我虽然将永不干涸的眼泪

EN: How you shattered my world
ZH: 你如何粉碎了我的世界

EN: With your goodbye.Your goodbye baby
ZH: 与你的告别。再见宝宝

EN: Would've sold my soul then.
ZH: 会把然后卖我的灵魂。

EN: Just to have you back again
ZH: 只是要你再回来

EN: Now you're the last thing on my mind.
ZH: 现在你是我心中的最后一件事。

EN: Now you say your sorry and
ZH: 现在你说你的抱歉和

EN: You've changed your ways
ZH: 你改变了你的方式

EN: Sorry but you changed you ways too late.
ZH: 抱歉,但是你改变你的方式太晚了。

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: So when all you've got are sleepless nights
ZH: 所以当你只是不眠之夜

EN: When those tears are clouding up your eyes
ZH: 当那些眼泪都蒙上阴影开你的眼睛

EN: Just remember it was you who said goodbye
ZH: 只记得是你说了再见

EN: Who said goodbye.
ZH: 谁说再见。

EN: [Instrumental break]
ZH: [器乐断裂]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]