Whitney Houston - For The Love Of You lyrics (Chinese translation). | Drifting on a memory
, Ain't no place I'd rather be than with you
, Loving you
, Day will make the...
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Whitney Houston - For The Love Of You (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Drifting on a memory
ZH: 漂流在内存上

EN: Ain't no place I'd rather be than with you
ZH: 不是没有我宁愿与你

EN: Loving you
ZH: 爱你

EN: Day will make the way for night
ZH: 天将晚让路

EN: All we need is candlelight
ZH: 所有我们需要的是烛光

EN: And a song, soft and long
ZH: 和一首歌,软和长

EN: Well, you'd like to think
ZH: 嗯,你想想

EN: We're alone with a love unlike no other
ZH: 我们没有其他的不同的爱与孤独

EN: Sad to see, a new horizon slowly coming into view
ZH: 悲伤来看,新的地平线缓慢到视图

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: I want to be living for the love of you
ZH: 我想要为你的爱情生活

EN: All that I'm giving is for the love of you
ZH: 我给的都是为你的爱

EN: Lovely as a ray of sun
ZH: 像一束阳光可爱

EN: That touches me when the morning comes
ZH: 早晨来时触摸我

EN: Feels good to me
ZH: 感觉对我很好

EN: My loving me, yeah
ZH: 我爱我,是的

EN: Smoother then a gentle breeze
ZH: 平滑然后一阵轻风

EN: Flowing from my mind with ease
ZH: 轻松地从我心里流动

EN: Soft as can be
ZH: 软和可以是

EN: Well, when you're loving me, ooh baby
ZH: 当你现在爱上我哦宝贝

EN: Love to be
ZH: 爱要

EN: Riding the waves of love enchanted with your touch
ZH: 骑着你的触摸施魔法的爱波

EN: It seems to me
ZH: 对我来说

EN: We can sail together in and out of mystery
ZH: 我们可以在一起驶出神秘

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Paradise, I hafta think, can't feel as secure again
ZH: 天堂,我得立刻认为,不能再次感到安全

EN: You're the key
ZH: 你是关键

EN: And this I see
ZH: 我看看这

EN: Now and then I lose my way
ZH: 现在然后我迷失方向

EN: Confusing words to try and say what I feel
ZH: 混淆的词语,试着说出的感觉

EN: Yeah, your love is real
ZH: 是的你的爱是真实

EN: I might as well, sign my name on a card that's been saying better
ZH: 我也许也一样我上签上的名字一直卡更好的谚语

EN: See, time will tell
ZH: 看到的时间会告诉

EN: Cause it seems that I've done just about all that I can do
ZH: 它似乎做了所有我能做的原因