Whitney Houston - Anymore lyrics (Chinese translation). | I believe in roses,
, But only from the heart
, And if it's not sincere baby,
, Then I don't want no...
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Whitney Houston - Anymore (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I believe in roses,
ZH: 我相信在玫瑰,

EN: But only from the heart
ZH: 但仅从心

EN: And if it's not sincere baby,
ZH: 如果它不是真诚的孩子

EN: Then I don't want no part
ZH: 然后我不会想要

EN: I believe in one love baby, true monogamy
ZH: 我相信在一个爱宝贝,真正一夫一妻制

EN: What I don't know can't hurt me,
ZH: 我不知道不能伤害我,

EN: that's not the way I see
ZH: 这不是我看到的方式

EN: If you believed in me, you wouldn't mess around
ZH: 如果你相信我,你就不会乱

EN: It's not like I don't know you been
ZH: 不是我不认识你了

EN: with every girl in town
ZH: 与小镇的每个女孩

EN: You got a lot of nerve to
ZH: 你有很多神经

EN: think, I just close my eyes
ZH: 想,我只是闭上眼睛

EN: While you walk around so full of
ZH: 虽然你到处走这么完整的

EN: it, I give you my surprise
ZH: 它,我给你令我吃惊的

EN: I don't need your kinda love
ZH: 我不需要你还挺爱

EN: I don't need your kinda trust
ZH: 我不需要你的那种信任

EN: I don't want you, anymore
ZH: 我再也不想你,

EN: I don't need your kinda kisses
ZH: 我不需要你的吻

EN: I don't want to be your Mrs.
ZH: 我不想要你的太太。

EN: I don't want you, anymore
ZH: 我再也不想你,

EN: I believe that angels watch everything we do
ZH: 我相信天使看看我们所做的一切

EN: And all the wrong you're doin',
ZH: 所有的错误你是在做什么 ',

EN: just might come back on you
ZH: 可能只是会回来的你

EN: I believe in phone calls, when
ZH: 我相信在电话时

EN: your not by my side
ZH: 你不在我身边

EN: Especially when it's lonely, in
ZH: 尤其是当它是寂寞,在

EN: the middle of the night
ZH: 中间的夜晚

EN: If you believe that true love
ZH: 如果你相信,真正的爱情

EN: is only made in bed
ZH: 只是在床上

EN: Lord have mercy on you, chivalry is dead
ZH: 上帝怜悯你,骑士精神已死

EN: You got a lot of nerve to think, to
ZH: 你有很大的勇气,想想,到

EN: think that I'm still down
ZH: 觉得我仍按下

EN: While you've taken me for
ZH: 虽然你们把我送

EN: granted, boy I'm through, I'm
ZH: 授予,小子我通过,我是

EN: outta town
ZH: 离开小镇

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: So baby, (so baby)
ZH: 所以,宝贝,宝贝 (所以)

EN: You can kiss this girl goodbye
ZH: 你可以跟这个女孩吻别

EN: I'm through with ya
ZH: 我是通过与雅

EN: Movin'on with my life
ZH: Movin'on 与我的生活

EN: No more pain, no more fears
ZH: 没有更多的痛苦,没有更多的恐惧

EN: I'm movin' on
ZH: 我是舞动

EN: I'm keepin' on
ZH: 皆有可能

EN: I'm through with all the fears
ZH: 我是通过与所有的恐惧

EN: Your kinda love
ZH: 你还挺爱

EN: Your kinda trust
ZH: 你还挺信任

EN: I don't want you, don't need you,
ZH: 我不想你,不需要你,

EN: can't have you
ZH: 不能让你

EN: Your kinda kisses
ZH: 你的吻

EN: To be your Mrs.
ZH: 是你的夫人。

EN: I don't want you
ZH: 我不想你