White Heart - Light A Candle lyrics

A flame is rising up in you
A spark is struck electric blue
For the hand of Love has brushed your eyes
And now it's love that shines
Light a candle

There's a surge of hope within your heart
And you want to play a bigger part
For you heard the word that Jesus said
You want to turn the world upon its head
Now you lift your hands up high into the sky
Light a candle

The city of faith cannot be hid
Let the fire burn on the holy wind
So if you want to change the world
And be a living flame
Light a candle

So on a cold and moonless night
In your window place your candlelight
And let it burn so all can see
Your holy torch of liberty

And pray for love, pray for peace
Pray the world will be released
From the fear that locks us in the dark
From the hate that pulls us all apart
In the ashes there will rise a sacred flame
Light a candle

Light it up, now

Back may be against the wall
But you've seen the Love that conquers all
You know that He can change the world
So be a living flame
Light a candle

Light a candle!!

Light a candle!!

You can change the world
If you believe
You know you can light up the world
Light up, light up

Light up, light up
Light up, light up
Light up the world!!

Light a candle!!
See the love shine!
Light a candle!!

Light a candle!
All God's people, all God's people
Won't you light a candle!!

Let it shine, let it shine
Ohhh, let it shine!
Light a candle!
All the people!
See the love shine

©1992 Star Song Records