What Made Milwaukee Famous - The Right Place lyrics

Plead with me and beg me not to stay,
So you can still get stoned every day.
Ask of me the one thing I'll negate,
So I'll look like a jerk and you'll be safe.

Oh, I once said 'good night' and meant every single syllable,
But I didn't mean to have one every day (by the way).

Even though your heart's in the right place,
You'll find a way to lose and let it break,
There is only so much I can take,
Until I start to feel like I'm betrayed.

Oh, I once said 'good luck' and really hoped that it'd work out,
And felt certain that this time you'd get it right,
But I've since been dismayed by your careless mistakes,
And I'm sick and tired of hoping that you might.

Plead with me and beg me not to stay,
You knew it'd never work out anyway.
You've got an eye for sore sight and a knack for college tries,
But you're soon to lack the thing that gets you by.