Wendy Wall - Postcard To The Stars lyrics

Greetings to the stars
Sometimes this world is like a house I hide in
You are like a window lined with lace
Lying with my back turned to the earth
Here and now we come face to face
This is quite a planet
Can't take nothing here for granted
I'm sending this song into space
Hello from the human race

The earth is whispering a warning
We have not been listening
I lay against her I can hear her sigh
We act very brave
But if you want the truth you'll see it in our eyes
We play tug-of-war
with god and pieces of the land
And we have guns that can lay to waste
The human race

We have sent you greeting cards
Our rocket ships are question marks
They thunder and they whistle through the air
Like a child in the dark forever whispering
Is anybody there?
We have color tv's
And there's music and there's dancing
But I think we wear a lonely face
The human race

[ bridge ]

Greetings to the stars
You've traveled light years
For your light to fall on human eyes
Sometimes I feel the same
Do you still exist
Or have you vanished
By the time that you've been seen
Greetings to the heavens
May you shine on us forever
And I pray you shed a saving grace
On the human race

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