Welcome To Florida - Formality lyrics

I must be crazy, or out of my mind
I must be crazy, to think that you could be mine
We played for a while, it's all well and good
Now let's walk the mile, like you know we should
I'm running out of time, I got my reason I got my rhyme
It's true you ain't just a friend of mine so hear what I say
I won't tell you more than twice
This don't depend on the drop of dice
You say you won't now, but I just might
So stop playing games
I cant help feeling this is formality
Your ground is breaking but your foothold is me
So strange I'm thinking but we just gotta be
You cried for help, I wanna answer your plea
So take the key and unlock the door
You might get more than you bargained for
Gave you some but know you wanted more, you know what I mean
Gimme a signal, Lord, gimme a sign
You may not like what you're bound to find
If you don't know, we're running out of time
It's time to be free